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Medium to Full Medium Buildable Sheer
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Set the stage for luminous makeup application with our silky, lightweight primer.
Achieve a soft-focus effect that amplifies your skin’s bare beauty, and over time improve tone, texture and translucency.
The Hydrating Illuminator
CA $125
The Perfecting Primer
CA $130


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What is a makeup primer?

In the world of beauty, primer makeup is an unsung hero – the secret step that sets the stage for flawless skin. A multifaceted wonder, makeup primer is a silky base applied after your skincare routine to create an ideal canvas so skin can look healthy and glowing. Primer prepares the face for foundation, but did you know it can also give you your ideal looking skin? A hydrating makeup primer such as The Perfecting Primer, infused with youth-renewing Miracle Broth, improves the look of skin’s texture and tone over time. This blurring primer creates a soft-focus effect for a flawless, natural finish. 

Other makeup base primers offer benefits like an instant glow. La Mer’s The Hydrating Illuminator diffuses and redirects light, enhancing skin's natural radiance. This formula complements a range of skin tones with its universally energizing shade.

Is primer necessary?

You may be wondering: why use primer as part of your beauty regimen? In the realm of beauty, every step counts, and primer is no exception. Used regularly, The Perfecting Primer can improve the look of skin’s texture and tone. Your complexion will look younger and smoother since this face primer coats the skin with silky hydration and blurs imperfections and smooths uneven texture. With its beneficial ingredients that help hydrate and nourish skin, we recommend a luxury makeup primer as the complexion-perfecting finale to every skincare routine.

How do I apply primer?

Since primer is designed to seamlessly transition your skincare routine into makeup application, you may be wondering how to apply primer and how much primer to use. Once you’ve completed your skincare ritual, we recommend gently sweeping one pump of a makeup primer such as The Hydrating Illuminator onto the face and neck and letting it set. You can wear this primer on its own, or follow with foundation.

Can I wear primer without makeup?

A luxury primer can help you realize your skin’s potential, whether applied as a final skincare step or worn under makeup. For a low-maintenance morning, primer without foundation can help boost radiance for a healthy-looking glow. And not everyone realizes the skincare benefits of some face primers. When applied in the morning and at night, The Perfecting Primer continues to refine the look of skin’s texture and tone.

How do I prep my skin for flawless makeup?

Like the creation of any great artwork, your makeup requires a blank canvas. Return skin to its natural state by using a cleanser suited to your unique skincare needs. If desired, you can then use an exfoliator to refine your skin’s surface and clarify pores. Follow with any treatments (we swear by The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum), then finish with our best moisturizer for your skin type to lock in all-day hydration—we recommend Crème de la Mer for all complexions. During the day, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Finally, sweep a luxury primer such as The Hydrating Illuminator onto skin.